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Featuring - Mount Victoria NZ, West Cuthil, New Primary School, New Filling Station NZ, The Knock Hill  and  Update to Malcolmburn Winter Damage


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Looking from the top of Mount Victoria in Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

A fabulous view all around looking down onto Wellington streets and suburbs. Places to
look out for are the airport and airstrip looking out over Evans Bay, totem pole, large
artistic displays beside tour bus, large play parks, downtown Wellington with harbour
area and marina, TePapa museum, Westpac stadium entertainment arena known locally
as the 'cake tin' which hosted the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2000 and the 'Queen
Victoria' luxury cruise liner (front view) berthed near the 'cake tin' in the harbour.

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A view over the Strathisla valley at West Cuthil

Places to look out for are the remains of the limekiln buildings at Braehead
at the start of picture on the left. Catch a glimpse of the old Dufftown railway
line, the river Isla, and the plume of smoke from Douglasbrae which processes
dead livestock from all over Scotland and lots of farms and livestock around.
Some new build houses in the distance and moving right across the picture,
Corsairtly farm with bungalow and outbuildings comes into view, followed by
the houses in Nelson Terrace, with the final view being Strathmill distillery,
the home of J & B whisky, with the pagoda of the distillery just visible.

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A progress report on the building of the New Primary School in Keith

This picture taken around 1600 on Monday 31st January 2011 shows work in progress
to get this building up and running. The pupils are in temporary accommodation erected in
front of their old school here, when it will be decided later what is to happen to the old
'green school' as it is known locally. The Heritage group or an information centre has been
muted as possible future use. The new building will have lots of facilities for the pupils

Larger picture - HERE


A New Filling Station for Stokes Valley New Zealand

This is an upgrade to the now demolished outdated filling station at Stokes Valley
Road in the suburbs of Wellington New Zealand. This filling station is owned and
run by Caltex, part of the Chevron corporation. Specialising in petrol, diesel and
services to the vehicle drivers by way of a shop and other facilities like camping
gas etc. with sandwiches, sweets, papers and various magazines  all available.

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The Knock Hill near Grange on 21st March 2011 still with no signs of Spring

The Knock hill at 1400 ft in height looks down on the Grange valley to the south and
Glenbarry to the North. The view from the top is declared as brilliant with a panoramic
view of the surrounding countryside and Ben Rinnes in the distance all adds to the scene.
A triangulation point, or Trig, on the top gives some information as to height above sea
level. Evidence exists of large roman camp at Edingight which is very close to the Knock
hill and artifacts have been found in the area which backs up these findings.

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Sterling work by contractors have transformed what was a disaster for Pernod Ricard
at their whisky warehouse complex when the heavy snows of the winter of 2009/10
damaged around 38 roofs. One or two are still to be done. The damaged buildings were
overbuilt with a completely new stronger frame with a stronger roof to withstand the snow.
Look out for the very long warehouse at the top of the large picture behind the pole
and the diggers working on the Hill of Towie in preparation for around 50 Windmills.

Larger Picture - HERE and see all the damaged warehouses on Page 4 - HERE


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