JUNE  2009

The cruise ship 'EURODAM' moored at the deep water port of  Invergordon on the morning of the 29th May 2009

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With a tonnage of 86,273 and a passenger count of 1,950 this large cruise liner is one of many due to visit Invergordon this summer.

Arriving at 12 noon and departing at 1800 the passengers don't have very long for their bus tours of the surrounding area.

Around 40 buses are assembled in a large area near the mooring berth, and take it in turns to go down the pier to pick up their passengers.

Various bus tours are organised prior to arrival of the ship including - Inverness, Dalmore Distillery, Urquhart Castle and Dunrobin Castle

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Another view of this large vessel

Attaching the various mooring ropes

Passengers waiting to disembark

Enjoying the view

Buses getting into position

And more buses

Lift to all decks situated in middle of ship

Anyone for Netball ?

All aboard - Ready to depart

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Country with the most SHEEP  -  CHINA -  170,882,215  (2005).  Second comes  AUSTRALIA  with  102,700,000 (2005)



Tallest tree in the United Kingdom - Douglas Fir -  62 mtrs ( 203 feet ) - Dunans Estate, Argyll and Bute, Scotland



JUNE  2009


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