MAY  2009

45497 'The Lancashire Fusilier' leads 45231 'The Sherwood Forester' into Keith Junction
in charge of the Great Britian ll charter tour on Sunday 12th April 2009

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On Sunday 12th April 2009 around 12 noon the 'Great Britain ll' charter with around 500 passengers arrived from Inverness and took on water.

The train formation of 12 coaches had been on a U.K. tour for a week and had been hauled by a variety of engines Diesel, Electric, and Steam

Cost for the week including all meals was around 2000 per person. After the engines had been watered the train left at 1250 for Aberdeen.

A large crowd enjoyed being up close to the Steam Engines and a golden opportunity for some brilliant pictures.

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The water tanker awaits the train arrival

Sorting out the water hoses

A crowd is forming

The Sherwood Forester

More spectators

The Lancashire Fusilier

Car Park and Station Road very busy

Lots of interested spectators

Preparing to depart for Aberdeen

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Holder of the land speed record  -  Andy Green (UK) -  15th October 1997  -  763.04 mph (1,227.99 km/h) -  ThrustSSC at Black Rock Desert, Nevada



Fastest unmanned vehicle on land -  Rocket powered sled -  6416 mph (10,236 km/h) - 30th April 2003



MAY  2009


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