This is what is left of Cambus O' May railway station photographed in August 2005.

The old station building is now privately owned and has been converted into a
liveable dwelling, probably for use in the summer months.

Cambus O' May was at one time a very busy station on the Aberdeen to Ballater (Deeside Line).
The line was much used by the Royalty, but was closed in  February 1966.

This railway line is unique  in so much as it had a Battery Railcar which ran on the line from 1958 until closure in 1966.

Another unique situation is some 100 yards or so further down the line towards Ballater. This is a dwelling house
called "Cut Away Cottage" in which part of the cottage was "cutaway" to allow passage of the line when it was laid
way back around 1861.


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